welcome, human

Maybe you're here because you played with or against me.
Or maybe you're just searching for my co-worker spddl's files which I've hosted until Valve "temporarily" destroyed his dreams of a beautiful CS:GO HUD.
Trotakis became my comon character name after using it for my very first WoW testchar whom I then played for more then three years.
It has no special meaning and was generated by faceroll.
As I later found out Trota is the Italian word for trout and, also caused by that name, a lot of people think that I'm greek, which I'm not at all.

I'm usually playing for fun, not for fame.


As beeing my first MMO it was quite addciting the first two years. After all that instance see-saw I mostly did PvP.


Although playing with randoms can be fun, the curse of the premates strikes too often. I've never got random premates who didn't feed, yet. Concerning language: Bitches, please! At least try to learn some proper English. Mine is far from perfect, but there is no word like "feedet", it's fed.


...yet to be filled...


...yet to be filled...


This network is running some private services:

  • Gigabit fileserver with low latency connection at Amsix
  • Low latency voice servers (Teamspeak3 and Mumble)
  • Global recursive and caching DNS
  • OpenVPN gateways in different locations
  • Squid web proxies in different locations
  • Distributed backup
  • ip.trotakis.eu

For friends, not foes. Ask if you need something.


Catch me at LoL-EUW or by mail at domain. ;)

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